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Celebrating our 35th Year in 2022

Swedish Massage:
Very relaxing. Improves circulation, soothes nerves, helps release toxins from muscle tissue. Good for most types of muscle pain.

Deep Muscle/Sports Massage:
Uses combinations of cross-fiber,deep muscle,compression, and vibration to aid in reducing lactic acid, muscle strain and fatigue. May be used in pre-event, post-event and training. Very effective in reducing repetitive motion and other soft tissue injuries.

Triggerpoint Work:
A system of designated points throughout the body, which when pressure is applied to, releases knots and spasms in that area and other referred areas. It is a well-used therapy for fibromyalgia.

10 Session Structural Integration:
S.I. was originally taught by the late Ida P.Rolf, Ph.D. The goal is to help the body regain its proper structural alignment. This allows for greater mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The 10 sessions produce an accumulative benefit working specifically with the body's myofascial system. Attention is given to each person's sensitivity to the firm work, which helps the client to be more energetic and experience relief from long-held tension patterns, whether from physical or emotional origins.
90 min. -- $130

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle:
Firm, cross-fiber style,used with many soft tissue and muscular conditions and diseases. Works with the lymphatic and circulatory systems to bring health at the cellular level.

Myofascial Release :
Firm, slow stretching of connective tissue (fascia) which is throughout the body, reducing stress, improving movement, creating greater range of motion and improved posture.

Pre-natal Massage:
(It is recommended that you consult with your OB-GYN prior to receiving pregnancy massage). Mostly Swedish-style helps relieve many of the uncomfortable conditions of pregnancy, such as back pain, leg cramps,and tension. Pillows used for added comfort and support.

Geriatric Massage:
Mostly Swedish style, tempered according to physical, and emotional needs of client. Improves circulation and supports immune system. Also increases joint mobility and flexibility.

Effective 7/15/2022
30 min. -- $55
60 min. -- $85
90 min. -- $115
Prices are for all styles
of massage except:

10 Session Structural Integration, Belavi', Couples Massage, Heated Stone massage.

Couples Massage:
Allows for massage time in the same room. Husbands and wives, sweethearts, family members and friends get to have this unique experience together. It may be a time to talk to each other or to quietly relax and enjoy just being together in this restful setting. This is a great way to introduce your partner to the massage experience for the first time. Once they experience the benefits of massage- they will feel more comfortable scheduling their own massage -or another one for the two of you!

If you would like to get a massage with your partner, yet prefer privacy, or less distraction during your session, you can schedule same time but different room sessions.
$170 for a 1-hour session ($85 each)

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