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Pam Dorsey, L.M.T. and Scott Dorsey, L.M.T.
Nationally Certified and Members of AMTA
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Tools of the Trade

Sacred Earth Organic Massage Gel Products

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Our use of purposefully chosen Organic massage gels and lotions will not be adding harmful ingredients (parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, environmentally harmful chemicals, etc.) to your skin. Our organic products reward your skin in nurturing oils infused with healthy botanicals.
Pure and simple.

Pain relief ointment

We have been using TRAUMEEL homeopathic cream for many years, both personally, and with our clients. We have found it to be great for pain relief in joints and soft tissue. It is now available as T-Relief. It is scent free with no hot/cold or irritating effects on your skin. It is also available for purchase in our office.

State of the Art Adjustable Massage Tables

Comfort Craft massage tables offer our clients a  great sense of comfort and aids in the relaxation and pain reduction process.With the touch of a button, our tables gently release the compression on the lower back for greater relaxation. The height of the table can be lowered as far as 18 inches from the floor to accomodate physically challenged clients. Multi-positional face cradle and arm rest enhanses relaxation of the shoulders and neck, as the upper back and head have room to freely move forward as the back decompresses.
Our tables also offer heat options. After your first appointment we can accommodate your preference of flannel or regular sheets.

Temperature Preferences

Each therapy room is able to accommodate your preferences of temperature, and if needed, adjust it as the session progresses.